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Winter Gardening | Colorado

Winter is a great time to grow cool season vegetables in Colorado!

Winter Gardening | Colorado

Are you planting seeds for any cool season crops yet? Even in our high altitude gardens in Colorado, you can still grow vegetables in the winter months! Learn about the Best Vegetables to Grow in Colorado Gardens in Winter »

Cilantro harvested from a Garden Bed Hoop house in Colorado on February 5th
Cilantro harvested from a Garden Bed Hoop house in Colorado on February 5th

Our Garden Bed Hoop Houses are great for helping germinate cool-weather crop seeds and get them growing now for an extra early harvest! You can direct sow many seeds like onions, cilantro, peas, and lettuce under cover now as long as you keep the soil moist. You can also start seeds indoors to get them growing faster in a sunny window or under lights, and then transplant them into your Garden Bed Hoop House once they’ve grown a few true leaves. If you don’t have a Hoop House, you can still start cool-season vegetable seeds now for planting in your Garden Beds in March/April.

In addition to vegetables, you can also use Hoop Houses to start seedlings for flowers, native plants, shrubs and trees to add to your Colorado garden come spring. Native plant seeds germinate well in unheated Hoop Houses as they allow for seed stratification in December/January/February and then the seeds will naturally germinate when ready in February/March/April. You can put flats or pots with well draining potting soil in a Garden Bed Hoop House, add native plant seeds, keep it moist, and you'll have seedings in the late winter/early spring!

Our sturdy mini greenhouses hold up to heavy snows and gusts of wind. We do recommend brushing off the snow from your hoop houses to let the light in.

Winter Gardening in Colorado: Best Cool Season Vegetables to Grow

Did you know that you can grow a lot of cool-season vegetables in the winter months in Colorado with a little cover? Read more about veggies to grow in winter in Colorado »

Hoop House Growing Tip - Ventilate! Make sure to vent your hoop houses on our sunny Colorado winter days! You'll find that inside the Hoop House it can get very steamy and hot quickly. Cool season crops don't like to get too hot, so it's important to open your Hoop House and let out the steam and allow for good airflow so that your plants stay hardy and healthy. If it's sunny, and above 40˚ F, it's likely that your Hoop House is getting hot and opening it for a few hours a day helps keep cool season plants happy and more tolerant of the freezing nighttime temperatures.

Want more growing space for year-round gardening in Colorado?

Check out our Garden Beds and Hoop Houses, which are like miniature greenhouses and work great for growing cool-season crops as well as for starting seeds & growing seedlings for spring planting.

We install Garden Bed Hoop Houses for year-round growing in Colorado!

Add the Best Colorado Greenhouse to your garden, and increase your growing space and season! You can grow year-round with just a little protection, no permits or electricity needed. Learn more about Growing veggies in the winter in Colorado »

Find pricing and learn more about our Garden Beds & Mini Greenhouses »

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