Create Your Garden

We make it very simple for us to create your garden! We meet at your home and find the perfect space on your property where your new Garden Beds (also known as planter boxes) will be installed. We do all the hard work so you can start gardening right away!

What is included:

All of our Garden Beds and Hoop Houses below supply everything necessary for you to start gardening and growing your own food right away. This includes:

1. A Redwood Garden Bed. Our standard size is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, providing you the best accessibility and maximization of space for your Garden Bed. We also easily make other custom sizes. We use Redwood to give you a long-lasting, sustainable, top-quality wood. Cedar is also available upon request. All Garden Beds also feature interior corner steel brackets for additional support.

2. Hoop Houses...Mini-Greenhouses! We designed our Hoop Houses for the Colorado climate using only the best materials that are also used on full-size greenhouses. These include a 3/4" steel frame, 12 mil hail, wind, and UV-resistant fabric, stainless steel vents, greenhouse clamps, and installation. You can have your own backyard permits required!

3. Soil, compost, and seeds. We use a mix of locally-sourced soil and compost for healthy growing plants. We then provide your choice of vegetable and herb seeds from our selection. We source our seeds from our local MASA Seed Foundation. 

4. The labor of love putting it all together. We gather up all the supplies, dig up your current grass (or rocks), provide installation, and show you how to best take care of your new garden.

...And you're ready to enjoy the countless benefits of growing and gardening! ❤

We can help you and your family become self-sustainable with your own food supply and provide a landscape for your home that is edible and beautiful. 

Already have garden beds? We create Hoop Houses for your existing beds!

Have a balcony? We can fit a bottom on any of our options and you can grow on your patio or create a rooftop garden!

Please note prices are subject to change based on cost for our materials, product demand, your location, et cetera. Ordering your Garden Set(s) today assures you to lock in the prices as you see them now! There is currently a $500 minimum on orders during our Spring busy season. 



Garden Beds & Hoop Houses in Louisville, Colorado


Garden Beds & Hoop Houses in Superior, Colorado

Before and After

(closed and open)

Garden Beds and Hoop Houses:

Garden Bed & Hoop House in Erie, Colorado

8’ x 4’ Garden Bed & Hoop House Set

(32 square feet), includes:

  1. 8’ x 4’x 7.25" Raised Redwood Garden Bed

  2. 8’ x 4’ Mini-Greenhouse Hoop House

  3. Locally-sourced Soil & Compost

  4. Installation

  5. Your choice of seeds

$988 for the first 8’ x 4’x 7.25"

$848 for each additional 8’ x 4’ Set


Height Increase:

Each 8’x 4’ x 7¼” height increase


Automatic Louvered Vent Opener: 

$444 per Hoop House

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Hoop Houses in Louisville, Colorado

Mini-Greenhouse Hoop Houses

We designed our Hoop Houses for our Colorado climate! Each utilize only the best materials, including:

  • 3/4" Steel frame

  • Industry leading interwoven 12 mil greenhouse fabric that is hail and wind-resistant with 7 year stabilization for UV rays. All other products only last up to 4 years! Made in the USA.

  • Powder coated connectors made in Colorado

  • Passive stainless steel vents for supplemental ventilation

  • Metal fittings for a solid foundation and professional fit in your garden bed

  • Installation


We install Hoop Houses for your new or existing garden beds!

Simply provide us the measurements of your existing garden bed(s) and we will custom-size your Hoop House(s) for you! You will have a Mini-Greenhouse at a fraction of the cost of a full-size one!


$588 for the first 8’ x 4’

$488 for each additional 8’ x 4’

If you have a different size garden bed let us know your dimensions for accurate pricing.


Automatic Louvered Vent Opener: A passive automatic opener arm allows for automatic opening around 70 degrees. This assembly includes a 12” louvered vent.

$444 per Hoop House

Garden Beds only (without Hoop Houses)


We install rot-resistant quality Garden Beds, without Hoop Houses, as an option. All Garden Beds include:

  • Raised Redwood or Cedar Garden Bed

  • Steel corner brackets for added support

  • Locally-sourced Soil & Compost

  • Your choice of seeds

  • Installation


We love creating community gardens for schools, neighborhoods, and other community projects! Consult with us for prices for your organization!

Garden Beds on the Front Range in Boulder, Colorado

Garden Bed Prices​

  • Standard 8’ x 4’ x 7¼” Raised Redwood Garden Bed (32 square feet)

$574 for the first 8’ x 4’

$448 for each 7¼” extension in height or additional Garden Bed

  • 4’ x 4’ x 7¼” Raised Redwood Garden Bed (16 square feet)

$398 for the first 4’ x 4’

$274 for each 7¼” extension in height or additional Garden Bed


  • 6’ x 3’ x 7¼” Raised Redwood Garden Bed (18 square feet)

$474 for the first 6’ x 3’

$348 for each 7¼” extension in height or additional Garden Bed​​


  • 8’ x 4’ x 7.5” Raised Cedar Garden Bed (32 square feet)

$598 for the first 8’ x 4’

$498 for each 7.5” extension in height or additional Garden Bed

We also can custom size our Garden Beds! Inquire with us for your custom project!

Balcony Version

Perfect for an apartment balcony; we can include a bottom to grow on your patio, deck, or rooftop!


Grow herbs and the following vegetables as they need minimum soil depth for healthy growth: ​

4-5" chives, lettuce, radishes, other salad greens, basil, coriander

6-7": bush beans, garlic, kohlrabi, onions, Asian greens, peas, mint, thyme

8-9" (with optional height extension): pole beans, carrots, chard, cucumber, eggplant, fennel, leeks, peppers, spinach, parsley, rosemary

Additional Prices for Base

$174 for 3’ x 3’ Redwood

$324 for 6’ x 3’ Redwood

$398 for 8’ x 4’ Redwood

$224 for 4’ x 4’ Cedar

$274 for 6’ x 3’ Cedar

$374 for 8’ x 4’ Cedar

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Rooftop Garden in Lakewood, Colorado

Ready for your garden? Contact us at (720) 295-8582 or email at