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Winter Gardening in Colorado: Brushing Snow off Hoop Houses

Growing under cover in the winter? Make sure to brush off the snow on your Garden Bed Hoop House to let the sunlight in!

Garden Bed Hoop Houses work great to trap in the solar heat to warm the plants and soil and keep greens growing all winter long in Colorado. In addition to removing the snow on your Hoop House, it’s also good to open the Hoop House and let it air out on sunny warm days. You’d be surprised at how hot and steamy it gets inside when the sun in shining!

Tatsoi growing in Hoop House in a Winter Colorado Garden Bed

Cool weather veggies like Cabbage, Cilantro, Lettuce, Tatsoi, Spinach, and Celery don’t like super hot temperatures, so venting your Hoop House during the sunny days is best to keep your plants healthy and happy all winter long. Air movement helps reduce diseases and pests as well, so make sure to let them breathe some fresh air.

Looking for a Raised Garden Bed for growing more vegetables in flowers in your landscape?

Earth Love Gardens offers Garden Bed Installation, as well as Hoop Houses for garden beds so that you can grow year-round in Colorado. We also offer Landscape Design in the Boulder and Denver metro area, the Front Range of Colorado, and even worldwide! We love to design edible and pollinator landscapes if you’re planning a garden makeover!

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