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Landscape Design

Native Plant Pollinator & Bird-Friendly and Edible Landscape Designs. We work in Boulder, Denver, the Front Range, and beyond; anywhere you live.

Pictured: Boulder Public Library's Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Native Plant Demonstration Garden

Native Plant Pollinator & Bird-Friendly and Edible Landscape Design

Listening to your wants and needs, we help create the landscape of your dreams! Whether you are a DIYer, community organization, or would like to implement your landscape with the help of a professional installer of your choosing, we are here to help you plan for success!


We see your landscape as an expression and extension of you and nature. Through our design process, we truly care about you and your family, your community, and the environment; knowing the landscape is a nourishing, invaluable part of your home (or community/nature-oriented project). Experiencing the design process as an art and through thoughtful consideration of all the details within the design, we create designs that have been recognized around the world.


“Wow!! This is incredible Aaron, such attention to detail!...I am so excited and this is just what I had hoped for!” - Dawn R.

"Aaron, I love everything about the plan!!!..I am THRILLED with your design and cannot wait to get this project started!... Aaron, it’s wonderful. It’s perfect. I love it!" - Nancy H. 

“We love the design so much! It is exactly what we wanted but better and we can't wait to start implementing it.”
- Nicole O.

"WOW!!!" - Karen H.

Client Testimonials

We let the quality of our work speak for itself through the feedback of our very happy clients. 

Native Plant, Pollinator & Bird-Friendly Landscape Designs feature:

  • A beautiful abundant variety of regionally-native plants that provide as habitat for pollinators and birds. We focus on plants that are available at nurseries, to make the implementation of the design as simple as possible.

  • Thoughtfully placed plants and other elements in the design, paying focus to each plant's mature sizes, light requirements, water requirements, soil requirements, bloom colors and times, textures, wildlife value, and more.

  • Elements such as nest boxes, birdbaths, wood logs and more to provide as resources for beneficial wildlife and and the add to the aesthetic and feel to your garden.

From a pocket garden to help the bees and birds have a place to land to a full-size sanctuary, we will design your new pollinator & bird-friendly garden!

Edible Gardens and Landscape Designs feature:

  • A mix of fruit trees, berry bushes, garden beds, and more!

  • Certified in Permaculture Design, we can optionally include elements in your landscape that aesthetically incorporate such intelligent Permaculture methods such as composting, rainwater harvesting, plant guilds, and more.

Make your landscape work for you and enjoy the bounty of your own garden of eatin' in your own food forest!

Your Landscape Design can feature a mix of native plants, edible gardens, and Permaculture design to realize the ultimate landscape of your dreams!

How It Works

1) Connecting with you and the space to be designed 
We love to get to know you and familiarize the with the land we will be envisioning with. Through a Consultation, we will meet and get a feel of your property.


If you live beyond the Front Range, we can design your landscape remotely. We are working with the top aerial photography company available to provide the most accurate views of your home. Utilizing native plants to your region and edible plants based on your climate zone, we can design your landscape, anywhere in the world you may live!

2) Listen to your wants and needs
We listen to your wants and needs for what you would like to envision in the Landscape Design. We also have our Landscape Design Questionnaire which also includes the opportunity to post photos of other gardens and features of other landscapes that you are inspired to include in your own!

3) We begin your first draft for your landscape design!

We want to create the most accurate design possible best meeting your vision. With this, an open communication is kept with you for any questions we may have for you during the design process.

Each design includes two revisions so we can perfect your design for you.

At Earth Love Gardens, we love what we do and truly care about your landscape. We do what we can to go above and beyond what other landscape design companies provide. To best ensure the plants we plan for your design can be attained to actually plant, we cross-reference inventories with your local and online nurseries, also prioritizing those that do not spray their plants. Please note, of course we cannot guarantee the stock of nurseries by the time you actually do plant.

4) Finalization of Landscape Design

When meeting your approval, your design is complete! You will also be provided a detailed list of plants for your landscape. 

You may then install the design yourself or contract with a local company of your choosing to provide the installation.  

3D Perspective Landscape Design - Earth Love Gardens
5) Optional Additions:
A) 3D Perspective Views

We offer the addition of perspectives within your Landscape Design to be viewed in 3D! Our clients always love our 2D design plans, however, the addition of 3D views always helps envision what your landscape is planned to look like...and they are beautiful and exciting to look at! The price of the 3D Perspective Views for your Landscape Design is dependent on the size and complexity of your project. Please mention in your inquiry if you would be interested in 3D Perspective Views added to your Landscape Design.

B) Custom DIY Comprehensive Plan 

As an optional step, if you are a DIYer installing the Landscape Design yourself, we want to make sure you are as empowered to do so as possible.

Through our expertise in working with landscapes, we create a comprehensive plan to implement the different features of your design. We know where to buy the materials and tips and tricks of the trade, and we are happy to share what we know with you to make the process as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

Pollinator Partnership Bee Friendly Gardening Earth Love Gardens
Pollinator Partnership Bee Friendly Gardening Earth Love Gardens
Pollinator Partnership Bee Friendly Gardening
Through our partnership with the Pollinator Partnership, we can help you bee a member of their Bee Friendly Gardening program!

The Pollinator Partnership and their Bee Friendly Gardening program has partnered with Earth Love Gardens to refer to our services of Landscape Design! 

Earth Love Gardens will design you a Landscape Design, anywhere you may live, meeting the criteria of the Bee Friendly Gardening (BFG) program so that you can become a BFG Member!

Your Pollinator Partnership BFG Landscape Design will include the plan of mostly native nectar and pollen-providing plants that bloom throughout the season and more!

Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Gardens


Through our partnership with the Audubon Rockies, you can also become a Habitat Hero with your own Audubon-certified garden!

One of the biggest threats birds face is habitat loss. To address this, the Audubon Rockies's Habitat Hero program provides people, businesses, and cities across Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming with the resources to create bird and pollinator habitat in their own communities.


Habitat Hero is also a powerful way to recruit new and diverse audiences into bird conservation and pollinator education. By funding bird and pollinator-friendly gardens, your support not only creates healthy habitat and beautiful, water-efficient communities; it connects people to nature.

From a pocket garden to help the bees and birds have a place to land to a full-size sanctuary, we can design your new Habitat Hero Garden!

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 5.18.02 PM.png

Your optional Habitat Hero Landscape Design features:


  • Native plant species that provide food for wildlife

  • 3 vegetation layers (understory, midstory, overstory)

  • Water feature(s)

  • Nest box(es)

And with certification from the Audubon Rockies, you will receive:

  • A Habitat Hero garden sign

  • One year subscription to Audubon magazine

  • And more!

Landscape Design Pricing

The price for a Landscape Design is a relatively small investment for your property in envisioning your dream landscape.

Through our expertise and intuition of what goes where and why, and the feedback that we receive from clients who love their designs, we can say we provide among the best Landscape Designs in the industry.

In addition to being beautiful and functional, our Landscape Design can save you time, energy, and money. Your resources can be utilized in the most efficient and effective ways. Our Landscape Designs can also reduce water usage and help raise the value of your property.

Each Landscape Design option includes two revisions, so we can  perfect the design to your liking. Also included is a Plant List, so you know exactly what plants to order for the implementation of your new landscape.
Landscape Design Process Options:
Step One, Consultation:
A) Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation
We love to speak with you and make assure we are a great fit to work together. We can schedule a free phone consultation to learn your wants and needs and familiarize yourself with our simple, effective process.
B) In-Person Consultation
Through an In-Person Consultation, we love to get to know you in-person and familiarize the with the land we will be envisioning with. All pertinent photos and measurements of your landscape are also taken during the In-Person Consultation.
Starting at $148 (dependent on your location from Boulder)
C) Remote Landscape Consultation
As an option for local clients and as the option for landscapes nationwide and internationally, we provide free, included additional Consultation to on-board you as our client remotely. Additionally, through our Landscape Design Questionnaire, we gather in-detail your wants, needs, inspirational photos, plot surveys, photos of your property, and more, so we can create the most accurate Landscape Design to your vision, as possible. 
Step Two, the Landscape Design:
A) Partial Landscape Design:

If you would like a design created within your larger front yard or backyard or would like your side yard or parking strip designed, this service is for you.


B) Front or Backyard Landscape Design:

We design your entire front or backyard (up to 1/4 acre).


C) Entire Property Landscape Design:

We design your entire property (up to 1/2 acre).


If you have a yard larger than the options listed above, we are happy to provide you a custom quote based on the size of your landscape.

The pricing for the optional custom DIY Comprehensive Plan, starting at $248, is determined based on the size and intricacy of your landscape.

This Landscape Design, which the client loved, was completely designed  remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install the Landscape Design?
If you are a community organization, we also offer Project Management, working with volunteers to implement the Landscape Design. Click here to learn more.


If you are not a community organization, no, we do not install the Landscape Design. The focus of Earth Love Gardens is to create beautiful Landscape Designs that our clients love. We provide our Landscape Designs for clients who would like to DIY the installation or work with a contracted installation company of their choosing. We are happy to answer any questions that you or your installation contractor may have during the installation process.


We do, however, build install the raised Garden Beds that may be included in your Landscape Design. Our process for installing raised Garden Beds is here.

2) Can I install the landscape in phases?
Of course! You are welcome to install the landscape as you would like.

3) I would like just a Consultation, is that an option?

Yes! We want to provide our most helpful service for the success of your landscape, benefiting you & your family, the community, and the environment. Our Consultation-only service is an option here. Additionally, half the price of your Consultation goes toward a Landscape Design and/or Garden Beds/Hoop Houses, if you decide to continue with our services.


Landscape Design Portfolio

Here are some examples of our work. Click each photo for more information.

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