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Best Greenhouse for Colorado

Make year-round gardening a reality with a Garden Bed Hoop House! Now is a great time to grow greens like lettuces, kale, spinach, parsley, cilantro, green onions and more under cover in Colorado. We can install a Garden Bed and Hoop House in your garden in just a day so you can start enjoying time in your garden much earlier this year.

Best Greenhouse for Colorado: I don't always enjoy working in my garden, oh wait... yes I do!

Our Raised Garden Beds & Hoop Houses are a lot faster to install and are much less expensive than a full greenhouse, but they work just as well for growing in the winter months in Colorado. Due to their smaller size, they hold up well in winds and snow so you can have fresh greens growing in your Colorado garden year-round! These miniature greenhouses also work great for starting seeds, and acclimating indoor seedlings to harden them off during the crazy spring weather we have here in the Front Range.

Best Greenhouse for Colorado installation by Earth Love Gardens
Best Greenhouse for Colorado for Hail - installation by Earth Love Gardens

Colorado Garden Hail Protection: Our Hoop Houses are also the perfect way to protect your garden during the spring hail storms! Get some peace of mine this year and let us install a Hoop House in your garden. The heavy-duty woven greenhouse film we use is made to last many years, and resists tearing unlike cheaper plastic films. It also filters the light to give your vegetables optimal light conditions. It's also wise to open your Hoop House during our many sunny warm winter days in Colorado, as the solar heat really builds up quickly and keeping airflow is easy by rolling up our handy-designed panels.

Happy growing!

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