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Thanks to all of our amazing clients for their kind words below. Your reviews help our small business thrive!

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Earth Love Gardens loves working with gardeners all along the Front Range of Colorado, nationwide, and worldwide, to design and build their dream outdoor spaces including food & pollinator gardens.

Read some of our reviews below:

“Wow!! This is incredible Aaron, such attention to detail!...I am so excited and this is just what I had hoped for!” - Dawn R.


“...I am loving what I am seeing so far. You listened to me which is great, but actually bringing that to life is fantastic.” - Deborah M.

"WOW!!!" - Karen H.


“OMG I love it! Thank you so much” - Mindy K.


“Awesome! I love it so much.” - Erin D.

“We love the design so much! It is exactly what we wanted but better and we can't wait to start implementing it.” - Nicole O.

"Aaron, I love everything about the plan!!!..I am THRILLED with your design and cannot wait to get this project started!... Aaron, it’s wonderful. It’s perfect. I love it!" - Nancy H. 

“Aaron just finished the installation of our greenhouse and we are very pleased. His skills and work ethic are excellent.”- Izabella P.

“I hired Aaron to build me one of his boxes and he showed up, put it together for a reasonable price, and looks to have supplied me with a great product.”- Kirsten R.

"I've had some really good experiences with this smart, ambitious soul and highly recommend his services.​ He has spent many years studying and building this small business, so it is his pride and joy. You can certainly see his eyes light up when talk turns to gardens.” - James D.

"Thank you so much, you just made my spring!...I LOVE it!" - Idelle F.

"Thank you for this wonderful gift! I am so inspired by this design, and simply cannot wait for next year's planting season to arrive so I can get started on implementing your vision. The design is beautiful as-is...I'm incredibly grateful for your time and effort, and I'm already dreaming of how wonderful this space will become. Once I've been able to bring your vision to life, you would be welcome to come by and see the results!!" - Caroline R.


"I love that the dry creek will be such a prominent feature with so many lovely colors and textures, and I'm so excited for the walkway with the grasses and groundcover...thank you again!!! I'm so excited." - Liz K.


"Our first impression is WOW and really hit pretty much everything we talked about from the design, want list and plants." - Kathy G.

“Earth Love Gardens did a beautiful job on my greenhouse. They are friendly, fast, and efficient. Aaron puts love and care into his business. Give them a call, you won't regret it. It looks beautiful. I just know my garden will thrive this year. Thank you Earth Love Gardens!” - Mia F.

“Aaron is very kind and knowledgeable, he worked up a quote for our property in no time and provided detailed illustrations.”
- Anthony Y.

“Aaron pays attention to detail and has an amazing client based process. Highly recommend!” - Allen C.

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Landscape Design & Garden Bed Installation Reviews


“..I am loving what I am seeing so far. You listened to me which is great, but actually bringing that to life is fantastic.” - Deborah M.


Boulder Public Library's Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Native Plant Demonstration Garden

We designed and installed the new Boulder Public Library garden! The garden features about 25 varieties of native plants that provide habitat for birds and pollinators. This public space garden offers library visitors the education, inspiration, and relaxation in planting a native garden!

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