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Anchor Center for Blind Children Denver Landscape Consultation with Aaron Michael of Earth Love Gardens

Community Projects

Aaron Michael sharing with a parent how to garden at the Anchor Center for Blind Children. Photo credit: Lashley Rhodes

Since 2018, our mission has been to create a world where people authentically connect within ourselves, with each other in community, and with the Earth. Our mission is realized through the many great community projects we create. On this page, take a look back at some of our great community projects over the years.


Boulder Public Library Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Native Plant Demonstration Garden

One of our great projects in 2021 was the Boulder Public Library's Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Native Plant Demonstration Garden. As the mission of Earth Love Gardens is in creating a beautiful world where people connect authentically with the Earth, within themselves, and in community with each other, this project checked all these boxes. Click here to read our blog post about how the project came to be and all the goodness that has come from this amazing garden!

Marie L. Greenwood Academy School Community Garden

We designed and installed the Garden Beds, Hoop Houses, and trellis renovation for the Parents For Parity garden at Marie L. Greenwood Academy.

Thanks again to the Colorado Garden Foundation for awarding this great organization and their glowing referral of us. These gardens provide children and grown-ups with so much goodness that creates a ripple effects that makes the community and world better place!

Boulder Landscape Designer specializing in Native Plants

The Sexual Assault Victims Advocate (SAVA) Center of Loveland Habitat Hero Healing Garden

The Sexual Assault Victims Advocate (SAVA) Center's Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Healing Garden is a beautiful and functional space that was designed and created with the goal of providing habitat for birds and pollinators and a peaceful and therapeutic environment for people. The garden was created in partnership with the Audubon Rockies, an organization dedicated to protecting birds and their habitats, and features a variety of native plants and other elements that support the ecosystem.


Read our blog post about the story of the project here as well as the story from the Audubon Rockies about the garden!

Open Arms Assisted Living Community Garden

We designed and installed the Garden Beds for Open Arms Assisted Living in the Montbello neighborhood in Denver.

Designed for those in wheelchairs, walkers, and those who want to avoid bending over, these
 garden beds allow much connection and enjoyment for the senior residents (and staff). 

These gardens invaluably add to the well-being and health of the residents and even led to a community food stand where they offer their fresh food grown from the garden! The blog post about the project can be read here.


Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity Restore Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Garden Landscape

Referred by our partner, the Audubon Rockies, we were called into action to help transform the landscape around the Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity Restore's parking lot into a Habitat Hero Garden. This large area, existing with dead grass and weeds, needed some love, and the staff at the Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity were eager to provide it just that, with the assistance of Earth Love Gardens.

The landscape continues to inspire those who drive and pass by it, saves much money on water not wasted on grass, and provides invaluable habitat for birds, pollinators, and other insects! You can read more about the story in our blog post here.

George Reynolds South Boulder Public Library Handicap-Accessible Garden Bed

Here is the completed handicap-accessible Garden Bed we designed and created for the south Boulder George Reynolds Branch of the Boulder Public Library!

We thank Gayle with Water It With Love for connecting us with this great project and for continuously maintaining it, along with the other great work that they do.

image (3).jpg

Jack's Solar Garden Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Garden 6 Acre Planting

We helped coordinate the largest Audubon Habitat Hero Garden ever! The six acre outside perimeter of Jack' Solar Garden, a community solar farm where food is also grown under the panels through a process call "agrivoltaics." Find out more information about this awesome project at Jack's Solar Garden website.

Anchor Center for Blind Children of Denver's Custom Handicap-Accessible Raised Garden Beds and Sensory, Pollinator, and Edible Gardens

We were referred by the Colorado Garden Foundation to this great project with the Anchor Center for Blind Children. We were honored to design and create the custom raised garden beds (seen here), and install with volunteers the sensory, pollinator, and edible gardens.


The Anchor Center for Blind Children provides early education and intervention services for children birth to five years old who are blind or visually impaired. Read more about how this awesome project came to be at our blog post here.


Nine New Garden Beds at the Boulder JCC Milk and Honey Farm

We created nine redwood Garden Beds for the Milk and Honey Farm at the Boulder JCC! Community volunteers of all ages connect and grow all types of vegetables and flowers in the Garden Beds yearly at the Farm!

The Empowerment Program's Project: Elevate Seven New Garden Beds, Pollinator Garden, and Zen Rock Garden

The Empowerment Project's Project: Elevate in Denver had seven new raised garden beds, a pollinator garden, and zen rock garden installed.


We created the plan, project logistics and material ordering, oversaw and directed the volunteers, and came back a few months later to plant plants.


Project: Elevate is a female-identified recovery "halfway house," with some new transformational, inspirational gardens. The blog link for the story of this awesome project is here.


Blue Shed Urban Gardens

We created six Garden Beds and eight Hoop Houses for Steff Grogan in Denver.  Inspired by these edible gardens, Steff founded her company, Blue Shed Urban Gardens! Her gardens, also known as a micro-farm, provides seedlings, food, flowers, herbs, and homemade products to the Denver metro area.


Blue Shed Urban Gardens also is a Cottage Foods certified business with a focus on providing fresh produce to pay-what-you-can cafes, food pantries and to neighbors-in-need.


Steff's heart is in serving the community, hosting workshops and donating hundreds of pounds of food each year!

Blue Shed Urban Gardens Instagram page is found here.

Village Trading Co. Garden Bed

We love the model of our community partner, the Village Trading Co. in providing bulk refills, locally made goods, consignment clothing, and much more!

Hillcrest Elementary Garden Beds & Cold Frames

We created six Garden Bed & Cold Frame Sets for Hillcrest Elementary School. Awarded by the Colorado Garden Foundation, each grade will have their own garden to tend to and connect with.


Our partner, Generation Wild Colorado also provided goodies for all 450 students to help encourage them to play outside (and garden)!


Metro Caring Community Garden Hoop Houses

We made Hoop Houses for Metro Caring's community garden in Denver! With these Hoop Houses we are helping further their mission addressing hunger in the community. After the snow and frost, the tomatoes and basil were all still healthy and ready to continue growing! 

Metro West Housing Solutions Rooftop Garden

We built garden beds for this affordable housing complex in Lakewood. This garden serves the community and gets residents connected with each other and with the wonderful views of the mountains outside! Soon came cold frames for extended Spring and Fall growing.


Colorado Permaculture Gathering

Through aligned mission and purpose, we can also help great events happen too! Aaron Michael, of Earth Love Gardens, co-organized and co-hosted this very successful permaculture gathering event in February 2023. Over 80 people were in attendance and close to $2000 was raised for the Colorado Permaculture Guild! A wonderful, lovely time was shared by all.

Click here for the Facebook post about this great event!

Gardens for Homes

We have created about 300 raised Garden Beds and Hoop Houses for our private clients' homes. Although not an organization, each one of our private clients, their family, and friends enjoy the benefits that gardens provide. Some our clients grow enough to share with neighbors, creating real community right in the neighborhood!

Do you also envision a world living in harmony with nature, living connected and in community with each other, enjoying fresh, delicious, nutritious food while we create beautiful habitat for healthy, vibrant ecosystems?


If so, together, we would love to help achieve this shared vision into a reality.

If you are part of an organization, click here for information about our Community Garden Project Management.


If you have a home, click here for our information about our Garden Beds and Hoop Houses and/or our Landscape Designs.


If you would like to learn from us, we would love to provide you with an engaging presentation!


If you  or your organization has a similar vision and would like to just connect, feel free to just connect with us as we together are on this path of a healthy, loving world.

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