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Colorado Hail: How to Protect Your Garden

If you live in the Front Range including Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs – you'll learn that spring is hail season in Colorado! Every year gardeners are in tears over hail-damaged gardens. In recent years, many gardeners have learned to add removable covers for their garden to protect their precious spring seedlings from getting pummeled by our more and more frequent hail storms.

Our Colorado Hoop Houses protect your garden from hail! We use a heavy duty greenhouse film that is designed to last for years and stands up well to hail. If you'd like us to design and install a Hoop House in your garden, reach out »

We love working with gardeners across the Colorado Front Range, and we've designed and installed lots of Garden Beds and Hoop Houses in the past few years.

So this hail season, cover your Colorado garden with one of our Hoop Houses and be less stressed during the next spring storm!

Reach out to us for a free estimate to add Raised Garden Beds and Hoop Houses to your landscape in Colorado and protect your plants this hail season!

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