We Create Gardens

Earth Love Gardens was founded upon a vision of a world living in community and authentic connection with each other through connecting with the Earth.

Keeping our food sources local & delicious, creating low-water use habitats for pollinators, and keeping our communities close-knit and warmly connected, we are making the vision a reality.  

We create: 

  • Garden Beds

  • Hoop Houses

  • Pollinator & Edible Landscape Designs

Born in Louisville, Colorado, based in Boulder, we serve the surrounding metro-area and beyond!

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Community Garden Beds in Denver
Community Garden Beds in Denver

The community at Open Arms Assisted Living in the Montbello neighborhood in Denver appreciate the countless benefits of the custom handicap-accessible garden beds we built!

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Boulder JCC Community Garden Beds
Boulder JCC Community Garden Beds

We built nine new raised garden beds for the Boulder JCC Milk and Honey Farm!

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Born in Louisville, Colorado, based in Boulder, we serve the surrounding metro-area and beyond!

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Our Services

Garden Beds & Hoop Houses

With top quality wood, soil & compost, and more, we provide you everything you need to start growing!

Grow your own food at your home or create a community garden! We are with you each step of the way from design to installation to make your vision a reality. Each Garden is built on-site and custom made for you! We also create Hoop Houses for your new or existing garden beds!

We are making a real difference, too! We were the 9News Denver Hot Product Zone Awardee at the Colorado Garden & Home Show!

Native & Pollinator-Friendly and Edible Landscape Designs 

We design Native & Pollinator-friendly and Edible Landscapes – both in Colorado or anywhere you may live! Listening to your wants and needs, we will visit your property or remotely design your yard to make it work for you and be friendly for the ecosystem.


With native plants to your region that serve pollinators & birds, fruit trees, gardens beds, and other edibles to serve you, your family, and your community, we help transform your yard into the garden of your dreams!

Each Landscape Design includes a detailed plan, descriptive Plant List, and 2 revisions, so we can hone in on your perfect design!

Audubon Habitat Hero Gardens


Protect the birds & pollinators and we protect the Earth. Either we or our partnered landscapers will design (and optionally install) you a bird, pollinator (and people) friendly Audubon-certified Habitat Hero Garden! 


Each Habitat Hero Garden Design includes native plant species that provide food for wildlife, 3 vegetation layers (understory, midstory, overstory), water feature(s), and more!

We can also can incorporate edibles in your landscape with fruit trees, berry bushes, and more!


Photo Credit: Rufous Hummingbird. Photo: Tom Koerner/USFWS

Community Involvement

Our mission is founded on creating community and we love to work with the community when possible. Below are some examples of community-inspired projects and events we have played a role. We specialize in consultation, design, installation, and education for communities, organizations, and businesses.


We serve our clients nationwide and turn your vision into a reality. Do you have a community project or event you would like for us to collaborate with you on?  Contact us!

Hillcrest Elementary School Gardens in Thornton, Colorado

Hillcrest Elementary Garden Bed & Cold Frames


We created six Garden Bed & Cold Frame Sets for Hillcrest Elementary School. Awarded by the Colorado Garden Foundation, each grade will have their own garden to tend to and connect with. Our partner, Generation Wild Colorado also provided goodies for all 450 students to help encourage them to play outside (and garden)!

Metro Caring Community Garden Hoop Houses


We made Hoop Houses for Metro Caring's community garden in Denver! With these Hoop Houses we are helping further their mission addressing hunger in the community. After the snow and frost, the tomatoes and basil were all still healthy and ready to continue growing! 

Rooftop Community Garden

Metro West Housing Solutions Rooftop Garden 


We built garden beds for this affordable housing complex. This garden serves the community and gets residents connected with each other and with the wonderful views of the mountains outside! Soon came cold frames for extended Spring and Fall growing.


Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Garden at Jack's Solar Garden


We helped coordinate the largest Audubon Habitat Hero Garden ever! Find out more information about this awesome project at Jack's Solar Garden.


Milk and Honey Farm at the Boulder JCC


We created nine new redwood Garden Beds for the Milk and Honey Farm at the Boulder JCC! Community volunteers of all ages connected and grew all these vegetables and flowers in just five months!

We love to partner and collaborate with nonprofits and for-profits who share our vision. Visit our Partners page for more!

Handicap-Accesible Custom Raised Garden Beds in Denver

Parents for Parity Garden at Marie L. Greenwood Academy

We renovated the gardens at Greenwood Academy in the Montebello neighborhood in Denver to include custom Garden Beds, Hoop Houses, and a trellis!


Village Trading Co. Garden Bed

We love the model of our community partner, the Village Trading Co. in providing bulk refills, locally made goods, consignment clothing, and much more!

Boulder Public Library's Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Native Plant Demonstration Garden

Boulder Public Library's Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Native Plant Demonstration Garden

We designed and installed the new Boulder Public Library garden! The garden features about 25 varieties of native plants that provide habitat for birds and pollinators. This public space garden offers library visitors the education, inspiration, and relaxation in planting a native garden!

Open Arms Assisted Living Community Garden

These custom Garden Beds are the cornerstone for the wellbeing and community of 30 assisted living residents. We designed these Garden Beds for ease of use and maximum functionality for those in walkers and wheelchairs. Area schools will also garden with the assisted living residents to experience intergenerational interaction. Visit our blog post for more information.


Honorary Features

bUneke Magazine 


bUneke Magazine featured our article about Creating Community Through Gardens! Read the magazine here (we're on page 10): https://indd.adobe.com/view/de988be4-2503-4489-8e7d-8282e564f669

9News Hot Product Zone Awardee 


9News and the Colorado Garden Foundation awarded us with the Hot Product Zone Award for having one of the year's hot products at the Colorado Garden and Home Show!

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Audubon Rockies Bird-Friendly, Climate-Friendly Conference Speaker


Aaron Michael, of Earth Love Gardens, was guest speaker at this educational conference in Fort Collins, Colorado hosted by the Audubon Rockies. 

Audubon Rockies Habitat Hero Weekly Webinar Series Guest Speaker


Aaron Michael, of Earth Love Gardens, was guest speaker for this educational webinar presenting about Sustainable Gardening practices.