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What a year it's been!

We wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year from Earth Love Gardens! What a year it's been; one that has made people more conscious of living more naturally and abundantly with the Earth. We appreciate the abundance that was in store for Earth Love Gardens and we want to share some of our accomplishments with you from this year:

Jack's Solar Garden

Jack's Solar Garden is a state-of-the-art solar array providing clean renewable energy for the community, while under the solar panels crops are being grown. We coordinated with our partner, the Audubon Rockies, and worked together with United Ecology in the design and installation of over 1,800 pollinator & bird-friendly perennials, shrubs, and trees. At about six acres, this became the largest Audubon Habitat Hero Garden ever!

Open Arms Assisted Living We built a Community Garden for this assisted living facility in the Montbello neighborhood in Denver! Custom-sized for those in wheelchairs and walkers and covering an area of over 1000 square feet, these Gardens Beds are going to grow a lot of food! With the countless benefits of gardening, these Garden Beds will provide much value for the health and wellness of the residents. Plus, in the future, local area schools will have intergenerational interaction in the garden working with the resident seniors of the facility.

JCC Boulder Garden Beds

We built nine raised Garden Beds for the JCC Boulder Milk and Honey Farm. Through help of their volunteers, hundreds of pounds of food were grown to be donated.

Our Garden Bed & Hoop House Clients We greatly appreciate our clients for all the Garden Beds & Hoop Houses we got to create for them this year. Each project is unique and we love how our Gardens complement their landscapes while providing countless benefits for them and their families. Here are some of our favorites!

Colorado Garden & Home Show Hot Product Zone Awardee Our season extenders won us the 9News Denver Hot Product Zone Award at the Colorado Garden & Home Show. We were even featured on the news!

Our partners the Audubon Rockies and Metro Caring We were happy to be featured as the guest on the Audubon Rockies weekly webinar series where we shared great sustainable gardening practices.

We also are excited about new partnership with Metro Caring! Since 1974, Metro Caring has been working to solve hunger at its root. Our partnership seemed natural as we enable many of the ways to solve hunger by creating Garden Beds, Hoop Houses, and Edible Landscape Designs that encourage the community to grow a healthy world together. During the freak snowfall in September, the new Hoop Houses we rushed to build for Metro Caring's community garden in downtown Denver saved the plants and allowed them to keep growing and providing!

Here's to 2021 being even more abundant as we continue to do good in connecting people with the Earth and each other, both through fresh & healthy food and connecting people with nature through creating pollinator & bird habitats. Thank you for being part of this great movement with us. Let us know how we can further serve you in creating Garden Beds, Hoop Houses, or Edible, Pollinator & Bird-friendly Landscape Designs. Thank you Aaron Michael

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