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Creating a healthy, joyful world

Earth Love Gardens is continuing to grow and provide our mission of creating a world of community and authentic connection within ourselves and each other through gardening, connecting with the Earth, and putting into action the vision of a healthier, more joyful world.

We had a great, fun, successful time at the 2019 Colorado Garden & Home Show. It was great connecting with so many passionate gardeners and those interested in putting into action a sustainable, abundant way of life. We featured our Garden & Greenhouse Set, custom-sized built-to-order cold frames for existing garden beds, greenhouses, and edible landscaping Permaculture Design. It was so wonderful seeing the authenticity light up on people’s faces as they walked by our booth and caught sight of the basil growing in our garden bed. We partnered Go Outdoors Colorado’s (GOCO) Generation Wild campaign. GOCO, Generation Wild, and Earth Love Gardens all share the same mission of connecting people outside. Did you know, on average, a child spends less than 7 minutes a day outside in unstructured play? In partnership, we are achieving to raise that number. Also, through the Colorado Garden Foundation awarding grants to community garden projects, we will be providing garden beds and more to community organizations. The show was a wonderful, magical time and it was like none-other meeting so many great people and be in a position to make so many dreams come true.

We are also announcing our Earth Love Gardens Community Fund. As our core is to benefit community, it feels natural and exciting to now provide 10% of our incoming profits to a community savings fund where we will provide our services for community gardening projects. We will be providing free and reduced-cost raised garden beds, providing cold frames for a longer growth season, greenhouses, and beautiful, edible landscape designs providing functional, aesthetic gardens that improve the quality and well being of urban areas. We love to partner with more organizations and companies that have the same or similar visions as us for the world. If you have or know of such an establishment we would love to feature it on our partner page and collaborate how we are making the vision a reality. Contact us if you would like to be a partner, like to have us create a Garden Bed & Greenhouse Set, create a custom-sized cold frame for your garden bed, create the edible landscape of your dreams, or create a fully self-sustainable greenhouse. We are here to create your healthy, joyful world.

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