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Earth Love Gardens is growing!

The Winter equinox has occurred and we are back on track for Spring. Earth Love Gardens is growing and expanding from here. This is a vision that wants to be seen on a worldwide scale. The Earth and people need this now to reconnect us back with the elements and bring back authentic connection in our lives.

A recent garden bed & greenhouse requested to be built twice as tall. I was reminded to "ground" with the Earth. The Earth is here to fully provide for us and provide the authentic connection that makes life so peaceful & sweet.

We are accepting new customers for garden beds and greenhouses for the upcoming Spring. Right now we are featuring our Winter discount before demands picks up again rapidly in a few months. In addition, I am happy to announce that we are soon expanding to Dallas, Texas, South Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, and Asheville, North Carolina, and beyond. Teams of builders will be available in these cities as customers want to reconnect with the Earth in their backyard.

We also are focusing on communities. That is, we are focusing on bringing urban communities together as well a suburban communities to feel connected. A healthy balance of independence and being together feels good and we are helping bring that into balance. This balance will help people live feeling connected, inspiring ideas, and giving a home of love to grow.

Earth Love Gardens is welcoming other businesses and individuals who feel inspired and want to positively impact the world. We welcome your collaboration, ideas, and visions to put into action great things. Feel free to connect with us if you feel called and we will see what we can do. Contact us as well if you would like to schedule your own garden bed for your home or community.

Thank you for reading

Aaron Michael

Earth Love Gardens

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