Habitat Hero Gold Garden

Through our partnership with the Audubon Rockies, become a Habitat Hero with your own Audubon-certified garden!

One of the biggest threats birds face is habitat loss. To address this, the Audubon Rockies's Habitat Hero program provides people, businesses, and cities across Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming with the resources to create bird and pollinator habitat in their own communities. Habitat Hero is also a powerful way to recruit new and diverse audiences into bird conservation and pollinator education. By funding bird and pollinator-friendly gardens, your support not only creates healthy habitat and beautiful, water-efficient communities; it connects people to nature.

From a pocket garden to help the bees and birds have a place to land to a full-size sanctuary, we will design (and optionally install) your new Habitat Hero Garden!

Each garden design (and optional installation) includes:

• Native plant species that provide food for wildlife

• 3 vegetation layers (understory, midstory, overstory)

• Invasive plant removal

• Water feature(s)

• Nest box(es)

• Bird anti-collision window film

• A Habitat Hero garden sign

• One year subscription to Audubon magazine

And more!

If you are outside of the Colorado region, we will travel to you to design your bird and pollinator-friendly garden!

Ready to become a Habitat Hero and have either us or one of our licensed & insured professional landscapers in your area design (and optionally install) your garden? Sign up below and we will connect you to your new Habitat Hero garden!

Photo Credit: Rufous Hummingbird. Photo: Tom Koerner/USFWS


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