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We create garden beds & greenhouses for your home or community!

Your dream of having your own garden is made real with the help us making your dream come true! We provide you with a 6 x 2 2/3 foot cedar wood raised garden bed, 2 mini-greenhouses (cold frames), organic soil & compost, vegetables starts (when in season), and all the labor for a high-quality product for your home. We also can provide a soil warmer and grow lights for winter growing!

Shown below is a walkthrough video of one of our completed garden bed & greenhouse sets.

We also create community gardens. There are infinite benefits of a community garden. Bring the community together and in authentic connection with each other in the common bond of their own grown healthy delicious food. A custom layout for the garden beds and custom-sized greenhouses are available to be discussed and planned.

We will be blogging more as we share the positive influence we share with the world. An Earth Love Garden is available for you in any city you are in. Contact us if you are interested or ready for one for you home.

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