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The optimal landscape works in harmony with the Earth and serves the needs of you and the ecosystem. We create Pollinator & Edible Landscapes and Xeriscapes to make a beautiful, functional landscape. We design exactly what you envision! Looking for installation? We can either install or recommend good companies for you!

Maintaing a vegetarian diet, a person needs only .44 acres of land to live fully self-sustainably



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Before and after! Did you know the leaves that have fallen from trees are an important component to the ecosystem of your landscape?

Sure, as large leaves they are not good for the grass but if they are mulched they provide the benefit of suppressing weeds, fertilizing the soil, and more. We mulch them and either provide them for your lawn or compost!


For killing and helping prevent weeds we use 30% Horticultural Vinegar. With only two ingredients, acetic acid & water, all-naturally and effectively manage the weeds in your landscape. We apply it or provide you with gallon bottles to allow you to manage your property. 

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Living in joyful harmony with the Earth. ♥

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