Custom-Size Cold Frames

Add 3 months to your growing season with a hand-crafted Cold Frame made just for you. Each Cold Frame is built with top-quality cedar and 6mm polycarbonate for heat retention and keeping out the elements (thicker polycarbonate is also available). Additionally, we can provide a soil heating cable for closer to year-round growing.


We are creating a world where everyone can sustainably grow their own food year-round. One way we are doing that is by creating custom-sized, built-to-order Cold Frames for garden beds. For each purchase, 10% of our profits go to the Earth Love Gardens Community Fund.

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Custom-size Cold Frame Features:

  • Locally-supplied cedar lumber

  • 6mm polycarbonate sidewalls

  • Two latched vent doors and openings (an automatic vent opener can be provided)

  • Weatherstripping

  • Hole for pollinators and airflow

  • Easy-to-follow instructions for disassembly & assembly for moving and Summer storage

  • Custom made to fit the inside dimensions of your garden bed

Prices start at $288 for a 3.5 x 3.5 foot garden bed. This is one-time investment for a high-quality product built with Love will last you many years to come!


Fill out this form with the INSIDE DIMENSIONS of your garden bed. We will soon provide a quote for you for building your custom Cold Frame.


Living in joyful harmony with the Earth. ♥

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